Thursday, June 23, 2005

journey to Pittsburgh

i reached US yesterday. It was a very very long and the worst of the
journeys i ever had. Firstly the stay at Dubai was 14hrs and that turned a
night mare. Spending 14hrs aimlessly isnt an easy job. I was roaming over
the airport, then slept for 2hrs, then talked to a fellow passenger, then
ate lunch, then read for 2 hrs, then roamed over again, then talked again,
then ate dinner and finally after slept gods grace i just got up 1
hr before the flight departure and it was really amazing, coz i wud hav
definitely slept longer. Finally got on the plane came to London. There it
was ok, the next flight was in 2hrs so not much of waiting. So i reached
Newyork. Here was another night mare. I had to wait 3 hrs for the flight to
pittsburgh and then 1/2 hr before the arrival, it started raining and
thunder storming, so the flight was delayed by 1hr. It seems the rains
ruptured the complete schedule and so after 1 hr of waiting, they said the
flight was cancelled. So went back to Service centre and took a ticket for
flight at 8 30. Then waited till 8 30 and saw that the flight was again
cancelled. So went back and waited in the long queue of service centre, by
then i had not even a single ounce of energy to argue with them. But good
souls, they gave me an accomodation in Holiday Inn hotel for that night. I
reached the hotel at 11. Took a nice bath, ate and slept by 12. Got up at 6
again and caught a flight to pittsburgh for 9 20. That got delayed and it
finally took off at 10 30. Reached here and settled down at kishore's place.
Looking out for a place to live. Might find one before july hopefully.

BTW the JET Lag has struck me so badly. Since I sleep at 2 or
so in the night when I was in IIIT, I feel very sleepy at about 4:30 or so
in the afternoon here. So still living in Indian timings. Lets see when i
get to normal.

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Santhosh said...

You must have recovered from the jet lag now. Damn, I'm also stopping over in Dubai..enroute India in July end. lets see..