Wednesday, July 13, 2005

War of the Worlds

Had lots of leftover tasks to do, but a steven spilberg movie, with Cruise in the lead is something that definitely no one can resist. And the time I spent watching it, putting aside my paper work for the conference - was indeed worth it, every min.

I should say it was a master's play. He is one helluva director. I have watched all of his movies, but this one just leads way at the front! A family story and sentiments amongst horrendous and breathtaking scenes with those 'awfully cute' creatures...boy! you need to be him to make movies of that kind!

Well, I bet Hindi/Telugu/Tamil movie directors would have done quite better! with all those 'Revenge taking' against the aliens scenes and the 'Saviour of the world' -invincible, mid 50s protagonist. Well thats a totally different league and I can talk at length abt them on a different post - But for now Steven spilberg rocks !

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