Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Books after a long time!

We were off on a family trip to Shirdi. Our family only goes on holy trips! Not much of a fun although but its good that we all get to meet once in a while. I must have committed some kind of an ominous act (I do those often, but I think I had some chicken on the way to the holy place) and even the good God was annoyed with me - the result a severe painful pharyngiti caused by streptococci infection. Well, well... to be simple its a 'viral throat infection' and a fever accompanying that.

I decided to fight it myself by ignoring it and moving on. That worked for 2 days, but since I had this seminar at the DLI workshop - thats the proj I work on, I had to finish it before that and went to a Doc. That didnt work after the seminar was done, I decided to spend a few days at my Cousin's place, just to have some good home food, some quality time with the TV and some rest above all. My cousin was dead against me watching the TV as that apparently strains oneself. So fine.....what else do I other option I was looking all over the room just to find some time-killers. Finally I found some books ! yes BOOKS. I was never a fan of reading, as I had many other things to do. Never felt I had time to read them. But guess this was the time. I had some "Readers Digest" montly editions by my side and started out. It was great ! atleast it was a close and cool encounter with the books after a long time.

So my fellow baversites (you dont find it in any Oxfords -dont even try) and friends try reading once in a while ! Its good for health :) . Ive started contemplating on as to why watching television strains you whereas a book doesn't. Will put that in soon...

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